Pointe Shoe Refit - Style Change

Pointe Shoe Refit
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A Pointe shoe refit appointment is perfect for a dancer who has had pointe shoes before, however is considering changing styles. You will not need as long as a first time fitting and 30 mins will usually be plenty of time to explore new styles.

Please trim your toe nails 3 days prior to your appointment, this allows the newly exposed skin to harden and be less sensitive during the fitting. You are being fitted on an elevated fitting stage (the first of its kind in WA) and your fitter is at about knee level. Please wear appropriate attire, something that is easy to demi plie in and so your knickers aren’t on show ;)

Pointe shoe refit & replacement.

Please wear appropriate attire As above for the elevated fitting stage and freedom of movement. Please bring along any padding, spacers, bunion guards or anything you currently wear inside your shoes so we can use these during the fitting to get the best fit. If you’re able to bring your old shoes with you, it helps us to see how they’ve worn.

Any questions prior to you appointment or if you need to make any changes, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9330 7670 or dance@studioscene.com.au