What shall I wear to class?

So you have joined a dance class and now it’s time to get the right gear. Firstly check with your teacher to see if your dance school requires a uniform. If the answer is yes they should supply you with a list of requirements or they may have this on their website. You must also check what Grade you have enrolled in as many schools will change colours for different grades. You may also find your dance teacher has already sent the uniform list to us so we know everything you need, even how the teacher likes the uniform to fit. If unsure you can call us on 08 9330 7670 or email dance@studioscene.com.au and one of the team will check this for you.

If it is a dance school that allows free dress then we can guide you towards the best type of outfit depending on the style of dance, your age and budget. If you are learning Classical Ballet then a leotard in a plain colour, matching skirt, tights and ballet shoes would suit best.  Jazz & Tap are dance styles where you can be a little more adventurous with colour and style, however you can also wear plain colours if you prefer. A leotard, shorts or ¾ leggings (depending on the time of year) worn with tights or socks and Jazz or Tap shoes would be perfect.

Dance briefs are perfect for wearing under leotards as the normal undies our kids wear every day are not high cut and will definitely show under the leg line of a leotard. These briefs are an essential item for concerts so no matter what type of costume you are given, your underwear will never be seen. Crop tops, bra tops and body stockings are also great for modesty as the children get a little older, especially gain for concerts where they may be changing costumes in a room with many other students. Male supports are also available once boys feel they are ready.

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