5 Things you need for Dance Class

So you have joined a dance class and now it’s time to get the right gear, we can guide you towards the best type of outfit depending on the style of dance, your age and budget, however their a five basic things that every dancer will need for class.

1. Shoes: Depending on the style of dancing you take up the shoes will differ. Some schools will allow younger children (up to around 5 years old) to wear just a little Ballet pump for different classes but once they go past this age then specific shoes will usually be required for each style of dancing you are doing. Ballet pumps for Ballet, Jazz shoes for Jazz, Tap shoes for Tap classes etc.

2. Leotard: A leotard is the base of most dance outfits and is required to allow you to move freely without any restrictions. It also allows the teacher to see the movement of different parts of the body and that you are maintaining the correct posture during class.

3. Tights: Dance tights or dance socks should always be worn inside dance shoes for a couple of reasons. Feet have more sweat glands than anywhere in the body so tights or socks will absorb perspiration and therefore make the dancer feel more comfortable. Tights give dancers a uniform look which many teachers require. The can also offer a mild compression which help dancers who are rehearsing for longer periods of time, and lastly it can be a modesty thing making a dancer feel more comfortable in class.

4. Dance Undergarments: Dance Briefs, dance bras and bodystockings are a foundation garment for any dancer and serve a couple of purposes. You may have seen little girls dancing with their everyday knickers bunched up and sticking out of the legs of their leotard, this is not only unattractive but also quite uncomfortable for them. Dance briefs are cut on the same line as leotards and are also two way stretch so will be hidden under the leotard or costume. As the girls mature, dance crops and dance bras become necessary and bodystockings which cover the whole torso are a concert staple. Often when performing in a concert girls are dressing in a communal room and so a bodystocking will definitely make them feel less self conscious.

5. Dance Bag: Lost property is huge in dancing schools when students don't have anywhere to put their belongings. A dance bag will hold your dance shoes, a drink bottle, some food (kids are always hungry after dancing) and many other items.

Please first check with your teacher to see if your dance school requires a uniform. If the answer is yes they should supply you with a list of requirements. You must also check what Grade you have enrolled in as many schools will change colours for different grades. You may also find your dance teacher has already sent the uniform list to us so we may know everything you need, even how the teacher likes the uniform to fit. If unsure you can call us on 08 9330 7670 or email dance@studioscene.com.au and one of the team will check this for you. 

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